Empowering Artists Live rewards for talented performers at your venue, on your livestream, or both!

Together*, we want to build a platform for young and talented artists to be recognized and rewarded in the competitive world of live events.

We believe that artists are important, and should be acknowledged for their talent, vision, and passion. That’s why we made Eventivize, to redefine the event-ecosystem, and put artists first.

We are a network of developers, designers and music aficionados founded by Ape Unit. In collaboration with CTM Festival.

Join our network

  1. Event organizers give Drops to their audience

  2. Fans can transfer Drops to their favorite artists

  3. Emerging artists are rewarded and empowered

The DropsValue-holding transferable tokens

How to get them?

After registering for an event, making select purchases, or interacting with special features during an event, audience members will receive a QR code that is preloaded with a set number of Drops. Using the QR-scanner built into the camera app of their mobile devices, they will be directed to a mobile-optimized web application (a personal wallet) that allows them to view and distribute their Drops to their favorite artist. It’s simple and easy - no download necessary.

How much are they worth?

The Drops’ monetary value is derived from a flexible mix of sponsorship funding and a part of ticket sales. By transferring a monetary value, Eventivize becomes an interactive and transparent way for an audience to reward artists, based on their performances. This way, emerging artists with amazing performances are awarded additional income.

How to use them?

In order to distribute Drops, audience members just need to scan their favorite artist’s QR code or select the artist’s name within the web app. Then, they can select the number of Drops they want to award and hit ‘send’. It's similar to PayPal QR-code payments.

How does it work for my event?

Our mobile-optimized web app keeps the reward system independent from the platform that is hosting the event. This way, we can ensure that Drops are distributed fairly to the artists. Event organizers can continue using any platform of their choice. Our QR codes can be displayed as images, appear in live streams, or be visible on location - allowing frictionless integration with every physical and digital platform.

The Benefits

  1. Artists receive extra income and feedback.

  2. Audience empower and engage with emerging artists.

  3. Organizers generate useful insights, and encourage customer spending.